In 1997 Jamie and her sister first opened the doors of Brew Monkey. With over 15 years of Barista experience Jamie enjoys getting her customers off to a great start to the day with a fresh cup of Brew Monkey coffee! Her favorite drink at the moment (it’s always changing) is the Salted Caramel Latte. On her day off you may find her out shopping for things to decorate her house with or maybe she is in the mood to treat her kids. Oh. and if you haven’t tried our soups yet, Jamie highly recommends them all! She says, “They are just all so awesome!” Unable to pick a favorite, she definitely knows they all match great with a warm bread bowl!



If you have ever been into Brew Monkey you have probably met Tina. She has been working hard since January of 2002 to brighten her customer’s day! Her favorite part of being a Brew Monkey Barista is all the people. Tina has a knack for memorizing orders and has a very warm personality which tends to make her a customer favorite! She also has a very close family, and even works with one of her daughters, Sheena. Whenever she gets the chance she really enjoys traveling. Originally from California, Tina says, “I love the sun, tans and, of course, my flip flops.” One of her favorite drinks is the Carmel Bliss, Frozen. She has two favorite Brew Monkey foods. The first is a Grilled Roast Beef, while the second is a BLT Wrap with Blue Cheese!


Alexis has been working at The Brew Monkey since June 2012. Her parents taught her young how amazing coffee wAlexisas and has been a very happy barista since 2007. When Alexis isn’t at work you would most likely find her spending time with her boyfriend or her family. She has a drink for every occasion and loves creating new drinks all the time. Her current favorite is a Soy Tangerine Chai (half the chai)Tea Iced with No Ice (picky picky); followed by a Soy White Mocha with Almond, and a Peach Fusion (drinking one in picture). Her favorite Brew Monkey food is a toasted Cheddar Cheese Croissant with a cup of Pasta Fagoli soup! Alexis says, “Peace, love, and happiness is my mantra. It doesn’t mean I’m always positive, but I do try. That and Sublime can make any day.”


Ashley has been working on and off at The Brew Monkey       for six years. Chasing around her two little boys and working two jobs definitely keep her busy. When she can she            likes to get out and play softball or go explore nature.        When she is at the Brew Monkey you might be able to find    her eating a breakfast burrito or one of our awesome      salads. Her boys love the ham and cheese croissants          . Her favorite drink is the Carmel Monkeyato.